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Monday, 26 March 2012 12:54

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2016.02.10 Executive Minutes

2016.03.09 Executive Minutes

2016.03.31 Presbytery Minutes

2016.04.13 Executive Minutes

2016.04.28 Presbytery Minutes

2016.05.12 Executive Minutes

2016.06.16 Presbytery Minutes

2016.08.17 Executive Minutes

2016.09.09 Special Executive Meeting Minutes

2016.09.29 Presbytery Minutes

2016.10.12 Executive Minutes

2016.10.27 Presbytery Minutes

2016.11.09 Executive Minutes

2016.11.24 Presbytery Minutes

2016.12.14 Sub-Executive Conference Call Minutes

2017.01.11 Executive Minutes

2017.01.26 Presbytery Minutes

2017.03.08 Executive Minutes

2017.03.30 Presbytery Minutes

2017.04.12 Executive Minutes

2017.04.27 Presbytery Minutes

2017.05.10 Executive Minutes

2017.06.11 Covenanting Minutes for Rev Brenda Bailey and Johnstown United

2017.06.15 Presbytery Minutes

2017.08.09 Executive Minutes

2017.09.06 Executive Minutes (Draft)

2017.09.17 Covenanting Minutes for Rev Brenda Bailey and St. Paul's United

2017.09.28 Presbytery Minutes This is only the business part of the minutes

2017.09.28 Presbytery Minutes These are the Appendixes for the minutes

2017.10.11 Executive Minutes

2017.10.26 Presbytery notes (due to a lack of a quorum, there are no minutes for the October meeting)

2017.11.08 Executive Minutes

2017.11.30 Presbytery Minutes

2018.01.10 Executive Minutes

2018.01.30 Presbytery Minutes

2018.02.08 Sub-Executive Minutes

2018.03.19 Executive Minutes

2018.03.22 Presbytery Minutes

2018.04.11 Executive Minutes

2018.04.26 Presbytery Minutes

2018.05.16 Executive Minutes

2018.06.14 Presbytery Minutes

2018.07.11 Executive Minutes

2018.09.12 Executive Minutes

2018.09.27 Presbytery Minutes (Draft)

2018.10.10 Executive Minutes


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Rideau Hill Camp is a Seaway Valley Presbytery sponsored Christian Camp run by an independent Council. It is open and available from May to September. During July and August, a series of boys'and girls camps are run with activities geared toward the various age groups which range from 6 to 16 years. The Camp is situated on the south bank of the Rideau River at 3560 Rideau River Road in the Township of North Grenville. Best approach is via exit 40 from Highway 416. Travel approximately 5 kilometres east and look for a laneway on the left through the cedars. The Camp is well sign-posted.